Geting Start

Run a RestBird container

If docker is not yet installed on your OS(linux/macos/windows), please refer Install docker for Linux/Macos/Windows to install it first.

Now, let’s following two steps to run a restbird container:
First, pull the restbird docker image from the docker hub.

# pull the docker image from docker hub
sudo docker pull restbird/rest

For people in China, it is better to add a docker accleration mirror registry first before you execute above docker pull command for better speed:

sudo echo "DOCKER_OPTS=\"--registry-mirror=\"" >> /etc/default/docker

Second, start a restbird container.

# run docker on host's network directly for simple (linux only)
sudo docker run -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) --net host  -v {path-to-project}:/data/restbird restbird/rest

# or run docker from an isolated network on host
sudo docker run  -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -p 8080:8080 -v {path-to-project}:/data/restbird restbird/rest

Now, you can launch your browser to access the restbird web portal at : http://{host-ip-address}:{host-port}/.


If docker is runing on host network directly (use —network host), we have many benefits from it, like we don’t need to mapping the mockserver port or recorder’s port to the host. We will learn it later.

The default user/pass for an empty project is admin/admin . When you login, you can add new admin and user yourselves.

Docker Tips

If you are not farmiliar with docker run command, here is a brief description. It is better to learn it a little bit, it is important to play with a restbird docker container.

  • restbird container’s web portal port is 8080, you need to map a {host-port} to explore it out for access or run the container on host network directly (use —network host).
  • {path-to-project} could be any folder on your host os, which will map to /data/restbird of restbird container. All project files will be saved there, so you can directly edit/access the project files in {path-to-project} on your host.For example,

    docker run -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -p 80:8080 -v /home/john/myprojects:/data/restbird restbird/rest

Once we login to the portal, you will see the dashboard of restbird. Feel free send your feedbacks to


About docker

Docker is well support on all kinds of OS(linux/Macos/Windows). To play with RestBird container. you need to get it installed first.

You can refer our Install docker for Linux/Macos/Windows guide or the official document of docker.